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Injury Management


Valewood Clinic believes that the role of treatment to injured or ill work may be resumed (as near as possible to the pre injury level).

An essential part of this has been to maintain the worker in a productive role at work, carrying out appropriate duties, during the treatment stage.

The best outcome is achieved when the Clinic, the employer and the worker consult and cooperate to create the optimal conditions for the worker to achieve the above stated objectives.

If services are required beyond the immediate capacity of the Clinic, a network of specialists and services is in place for immediate referral.


Our policy is to always provide quick and efficient treatment.

We believe that the best role for a worker is to continue in his or her chosen job, and that absence from work leads to psychological, emotional and financial problems.

Thus, an essential part of our treatment is to maintain the worker at work as far as possible, if necessary by modifying the tasks performed.

The clinic operates on an appointment system, however acute cases are treated immediately. Please contact Valewood Clinic on (03) 9560 6655 or (03) 9560 6510 and download and fill in the below form.